Hey, guys. It's Sam mun here. I'm really sorry you guys, but i've decided to give Sam up. I haven't been on here in a really long time, anyways.

I Thought You Liked My Singing! || Open

               Sam is grooming his primaries when a loud voice rings through the air, crackly and familiar, screaming from his pocket. Must be that damn human transmitter device Gabriel keeps tucking into his clothes, hiding it so that when he needs the angel, all he has to do is start up that incessant wailing.


         ’Hey, bird brain. You’ve got a call. Probably from one of my idiot brothers. I’m sure they’ve gotten themselves into some kind of trouble. Take out the phone and press the green button. If they die i’m blaming you.’

If Sam knew how to change his ringtone, he would, but as it is, Lucifer’s voice is always jammering at him through this electrical thing, the same message, over and over again.

                      So he complies, extracting the phone from his jacket and pressing the green button, following the orders of this human. 


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    "I look like what? And don’t give me that look!" He sighed, turning his back to the angel and making his way to the vamp...
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